All administration  

Attendance of Property Manager at all meetings
Weekly site visits

Supervision of building staff where applicable

Collection of all fees

Facilitation of payment of all invoices 

Preparation and presentation of monthly financial statements  

Preparation of Estoppel Certificates

Preparation and tender of contracts such as landscaping and snow removal

Obtaining of quotes for approval  

Utilize competent, established contractors who can confirm operating credentials 

Supervision of contractors

Arrange for inspection, maintenance and monitoring of fire and life safety systems of property

Preparation of annual budget for review and approval  

Set up of annual maintenance contracts

Annual Unit Inspections

In-House Maintenance for small items

Respond to emergencies after hours

House Sitting

Capital Project Management

Attendance at Legal Proceedings

Advertising / Showing Vacant Units

Cleaning Services

Painting, flooring, drywall, etc.