To provide honest, ethical, diligent and caring comprehensive Property Management

Troy Collins, Renovations and Maintenance

Emily Dodsworth, Owner / Property Manager



Troy started his journey with the Property Management industry as a Superintendant in 1990, overseeing a small 24 unit building and a 4 unit house.  The owner of the properties resided in Florida and was instrumental as a mentor for Troy. 

Mr. Collins has a working knowledge of carpentry, painting, kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, flooring installation (tile, hardwood and laminate) etc.. He has been fortunate to have learned from excellent colleagues in the industry. Mr. Collins has worked in housekeeping and maintenance for a couple of hotels and has achieved a Hospitality Administration Diploma.

At Axis Property Management Troy completes minor repairs such as drywall, painting, etc.  He also can provide cleaning services for those properties that do not have cleaning staff as well as providing a “first response” in emergencies to mitigate losses until a resourceful contractor is available. 

Troy understands that high standards are required for all properties.

Emily has been in the Property Management industry for 10 years.  She started in 2006 as a superintendent of 4 properties with a total of 139 units.  A few years later, she started working for a maintenance company that was contracted to do work for a local property management company.  Eventually she was promoted to Maintenance Manager due to her knowledge and strong work ethic.

In May of 2012, the property management company hired Emily as a Property Manager where she continued to increase her knowledge and provide exemplary service to their clients.  She conducts herself professionally and is especially capable of mediating situations when Owners are upset or gathering information when the Board of Directors requires it to proceed with decisions.

In December of 2015, Ms. Dodsworth was laid off due to company issues so she seized the opportunity to open her own company.

Emily is detail oriented, prepares comprehensive reports, is able to provide historical context and is excellent with timely follow up.  With her open and engaging personality, her command of the general maintenance and construction industries, integrity and strong work ethic she delivers service that is beyond reproach.